My Experience With Cyber Monday Diamond Shopping

loose diamonds next to a 10x magnifier glass

Shopping every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be pretty hectic. So it’s no wonder why most people prefer to stay home. But then how to you get the deals you’re after?

Easy – online shopping!

I was really interested in buying some new diamond jewelry a few months ago but I never ended up purchasing anything.

So when Black Friday and Cyber Monday came around this year, I decided it was the perfect time to do so!

I was “good” and didn’t buy diamonds on my first impulse. So I decided to treat myself and indulge on my second one!

And I’m going to be honest, it was a great shopping experience! Why don’t we just shop for everything online on these annual shopping deal days? It’s so much better than going to the mall or store and doing it in person.

There are no lines, no crazy customers and no hassle. So I decided to buy a diamond necklace and diamond ring online from the retailer James Allen (I found them via a site called Executive Ice). I shopped around a bit, but found their selection to be best. And they had a 30% off deal on Cyber Monday so I thought I’d take a closer look at their inventory.

The whole experience seems like it’d be super easy for anyone to handle. I really like the layout and design of the website. And they make buying diamonds super easy. You can see the stone you’re interested in in 3D images. And you can even custom design your own ring if you want.

All in all it was a pretty great experience. I hope I get to shop for more diamonds online the next time I get the itch. Though I probably shouldn’t since they’re still very expensive. But if I did want to buy more jewelry I’d definitely check out James Allen Jewelers again. They’re great.

I wonder what other online shopping experiences are as easy as that. If most of them are like that I’ll probably never leave the house again! Because, honestly… why would you? Pajama shopping!